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Sarabjeet's Complete Job Search Strategies Course

The Video offers to job aspirants a complete step by step guidance on how to go about searching for your dream job. Right from making a list of prospective hiring companies, using unique methods to do research on a company and the job requirements, customising your Cover letter and Resume as per the employer's requirement, using social media to reach out to hiring managers to answering the most common and trickiest interview questions ( presented in an interesting mock format) and following up post the interview to get a positive response all steps are presented in an easy to use module wise format. The strategies offered are unique and will certainly make you stand out as a candidate vs other applicants so that your chances of getting an interview call and your dream job increase multifold. With Sarabjeet's experience of over 3 decades backed by his expertise in recruitment, interview coaching and job search guidance, you will find the tools presented to be practical and techniques to be out of the box.

The tutorial is so designed that it requires equal participation from your side as a candidate. You need to answer 3 to 5 simple objective( yes/no) multiple choice questions after each module which enhances your learning quickly.

To know more, please click on - http://careerplus.shine.com/skill-courses/sarabjeets-complete-job-search-strategies-course/pd4761.html