Welcome to Aspiration

While taking the 25 minute test, in case of some urgent unavoidable work if I have to leave it incomplete, can I retake the test? Will I have to repay the amount?

No, you will not have to repay the amount to retake the test. Yes, you can retake the test. You will have to use the same link shared with you and use another email ID and re-do the entire test in one sitting. 

When you share the link for the test with me, for how long is the link valid?

The link shared with you remains valid for a period of 15 days.

Where will I get to see my reports?

The reports will be shared with you on your email.

How long will it take to receive my reports?

Once you have completed your test, you will receive your reports within 12-24 hours.

What is Social Media Profile?

Social Media Profile is an online profile which facilitates social networking among people who share interests, activities and background.

Why is a LinkedIn profile important and what are its benefits?

It is the largest professional social networking site and is beneficial for networking, business generation, career opportunities and sharing expertise & knowledge. LinkedIn Application also provides an option to display your work or creative art or photography to your connections. It connects you on a global platform and creates your online personal brand.

Can I meet or speak to my writer?

You can speak to the writer over the phone. We do not allow face to face meetings. You are however welcome to visit our Gurgaon office at any time.

Will you seek my approval before you finalize my profile?

Yes we will finalize your profile after your approval, unless you have already done 3 iterations.

Once I finalize my profile, Can I ask for modifications again?

After finalization, no modifications can be incorporated. In case you need any changes or modification you need to purchase the basic services once again.