Welcome to Aspiration
We follow a well documented 20 Step process to ensure a perfect job – talent match. It is as follows:
Step I - Client Consultation
Step II - Preparation of Assignment Brief.
Step III - Candidate Attraction
  • Using
  • 1. Data Bank
  • 2. Executive Search
  • 3. Referrals
Step IV - Response Management.
Step V - Detailed Screening through a Questionnaire &Telephone Interview.
Step VI - Shortlist.
Step VII - Set-up Interviews
Step VIII - Prepare Candidate for Interview.
Step IX - Prepare Employer for Interview.
Step X - Client-Candidate Interview.
Step XI - Debrief Candidate.
Step XII - Debrief Employer.
Step XIII - Reference and Vetting Checks.
Step XIV - Closing and Negotiation.
Step XV - Offer and Acceptance.
Step XVI - Prepare Candidate for Resignation.
Step XVII - Counsel during Counter Offers.
Step XVIII - Confirmation of Start Date.
Step XIX - Final Invoice.
Step XX - Monitor success of the search.