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Tournament Director

Company : For a leading & reputed Event management agency..
Experience : More Than 15 years
Location : Mumbai
Salary : 36 - 60 P. A.
Designation Tournament Director


CTC Range
3 – 5 lakhs per month

Brief Outline
Overseeing the general operations of the Sporting (basketball, soccer, cricket etc) Tournament

Basic Responsibilities

The Sporting Tournament (basketball, soccer, football tournaments etc) Director’s main job is to oversee the general operations of the Tournament. The basic list of duties include:

Hiring staff, whether professional or volunteer

Implementing the policies and rules of the tournament

Interacting with the person overseeing the facilities

Instructing the staff and coordinating internal communication

Coordinating event finances

Overseeing/Implementing the following duties below:






6.   Participant recognition
Creation of tournament flyer

Mailing of pre-tournament letters

Tracking team entries

10.Collecting team checks

11.Finalizing game brackets

12.Communicating with teams/tournament schedulers

13.Arranging game officials

14.Purchasing trophies

15.Organizing gym and site facilities

Evaluations, Raising Funds

·         Tournament Director will be required to evaluate the tournament after the event is concluded. The evaluation will determine what aspects went well and what aspects need improving in order to update and improve the job descriptions of the tournament director and other staff members for the following season.

Qualifications for a tournament director would include someone with some sort of experience in running a tournament, whether that experience comes from being a volunteer, staff personnel or an assistant director. The tournament director must prove that he or she has good communication skills because he or she may be called upon to resolve conflicts, conduct meetings between staff, volunteers and tournament participants and make presentations.

Outcomes In running a successful tournament, the tournament director should have the ability to reach numerous outcomes. Those outcomes include the following:

Creating a positive tournament experience for the fans and participants,

Resolving any conflicts amicably

Meeting predetermined goals that can include finances, attendance and number of participants

Create an environment for positive staff morale and productivity and ensure sound financial management