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Mr. Umesh Sharma

Within 2 months of my service, I have received 2 interview calls. I really appreciate the efforts Aspiration Team has taken to search relevant job links for me, marketing my candidature on all the job portals and the immediate action taken by them to make applications on my behalf. They have constantly been in touch with me to understand my requirements and I am delighted about their aggressive follow-ups with me. The technique of follow-up coached by the team is very effective along with the article written by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar that gives you a detailed guidance on how to follow up after the application is made to the relevant individual. LinkedIn Coaching Document shared by them is very unique and has helped me connect to the most relevant individuals for my job search. The overall service is really good

Mr. Rahul Gandhi

I have received an interview call within 2 months of my service! This service has given me a holistic guide on my job search. The customized cover letter was devised in a unique way as it covered my most relevant experiences very effectively. I have learnt the importance and impact of using a cover letter for making applications, that I never did before. The interview coaching by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar was fantastic. All my difficult questions were very well answered. I received many positive inputs by him which will help me during my interviews. All the articles shared with me for my follow-up process or on how to answer tricky interview questions have been very exclusive and immensely helpful. Overall the service is excellent

Mr. Subhadeep

Through Job Interview Coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar, I have got a Job within one month of my service! The job links sent to me were very much relevant. The Aspiration team has actively applied on my behalf with a very effective customized cover letter. I was given unique techniques of how to follow-up on the applications made which was very useful. This service has worked wonders for me. The interaction with Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar has been excellent as the inputs given by him boosted my confidence during the interviews that I faced and I would love to have more interactions with him. I learnt that it is important to not only work with passion but also sell your candidature with passion when you are looking for a change. I am very glad that I took up this service.

Mr. Jayakumar

I was overwhelmed by this service and appreciate the active effort the team takes to understand my profile through a telephonic, marketing my candidature on various job portals, search relevant job links for me and make applications with a very professional customized cover letter. After availing this service, I have started receiving calls from various recruiters and also got through 1 telephonic interview round because of the application process that they follow. The interview coaching session by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar needs a special mention and that really helped me set up the right context, along with a very precise, positive and to the point response for all the challenging interview questions that I was facing difficulty prior to this coaching session. I got insights on how to standout from my peers during any interview that I will attend. I will surely recommend this service to my friends

Mr. Vikrant

This service has guided me to receive 2 calls from abroad within a span of 2 months. While I myself have been searching and continuously applying for jobs since long, I have never received a positive response. The Job and Interview Assistance team has shared with me the most relevant job links absolutely suitable as per my experience and requirements. The customized cover letters used by the team for applications are concise and are very impressive and impactful, where the cover letters bring out all the details that are relevant for the job. My interview coaching session with Mr. Sachar was very helpful and I received resume improvement tips and on how to keep my focus on the job description while preparing for interviews. Was given an answer on how to tackle tricky interview question of ‘Why do you want to join our company?’. The service is really good.

Mr. Amit

Job Interview Coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar has been a very satisfying experience for me. The first step of marketing the candidature on the job portals with relevant key skills and updated resume has been very effective and has got more visibility to my profile through which I have received relevant interview calls. The job links sent by the team are extremely relevant as per my profile. The format of the customized cover letter is unique and very different from other cover letters. The inputs provided to me by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar during the Interview Coaching Session were very helpful and useful for me, as I have acquired satisfactory answers of many difficult questions that I used to come across during the interview. After taking this service, I have been able to face the interviews in a positive way as the guidance by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar has been very beneficial and result oriented. The team is doing a good job

Mr. Vaseem

My interaction session with Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar has been very pleasurable. Mr. Sachar gave me insights on different avenues for jobs in the market. I was given a detailed understanding of how my LinkedIn profile is one of the most important tool in increasing my network with the most relevant people and in-turn getting me closer to an interview call! I was given a brilliant answer that I never thought of, on the tricky interview question Why do you want to leave your previous organization?. In a brief session of about 20-30 minutes, Mr. Sachar has created a personal touch and has guided me in all my difficulties. The job links shared by the team are absolutely relevant, and the customized applications made to the relevant individuals are very useful - Vaseem Ahamad, Senior Inventory / Warehouse Management Professional.

Mr. Venkata

Job interview coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar has been a fantastic experience! I had a telephonic with Mr. Sachar for 30 minutes, and the learning has been immense in such a short amount of time. What I LEARNED from the INTERACTION - 1. A BEAUTIFUL HUMBLE WAY of SPEAKING to others. 2. Must always be a GOOD LISTENER when others talk to us. 3. Always THINK DIPLOMATICALLY & also TALK DIPLOMATICALLY. 4. The Interaction made me motivated again & has built Confidence in MYSELF to Brush Up and keep moving forward. After a period of around 8 years in my corporate life, I have come across such a personality who has been able to change my mindset and make it extremely clear regarding all my career doubts and all my challenging interview questions faced. I got answers to questions like ‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘Something went WRONG & there is a huge LOSS to the COMPANY under my SUPERVISION. How to answer the MANAGEMENT & solve the ISSUE?’, ‘A DEFECTED PRODUCT has been DELIVERED to the CUSTOMER, how YOU are going to HANDLE it & solve the PROBLEM to SATISFY the CUSTOMER?’. The different thought process and approach offered to me to answer these questions has been an eye-opener. Overall the session was a new initiative for me with a complete guide to POSITIVE THINKING, CLARITY, SELF ASSESSMENT and a lot more. I am sure that I will really do well in the Interviews. I have been given easy guidelines to learn and evolve. Have been very fortunate to get in touch with Mr. Sachar because the way he thinks and guides is really unique. I thank ALL the TEAM MEMBERS of Shine.com & ASPIRATION TEAM for a BEST of the BEST GUIDANCE & TEACHINGS and for an INTERACTION with a WONDERFUL PERSON Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar!

Mr. Rajanikumar

Ever wondered on how to answer interview questions like ‘Why do you want to relocate to the Gulf?’, ‘What are your strengths?’, ‘How are you different from our other employees/applicants?’, ‘What is your expected salary?’. These were the tricky interview questions I was coached on by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar. It has been the most satisfying guidance session that I have experienced. I was trained with different examples for every question, and these were examples and answers that I never thought of on my own. These customized tricks are going to be very helpful to me in my future interviews. I have been granted with a lot of deep and exclusive information that has made me more confident. I have also received a positive response from a Company in the Gulf with the customized applications made by the team. Job and Interview Assistance has been one of the best services also in terms of customer handling. I have been guided really well to get past every hurdle I came across in my job search. Working in the Gulf has been my dream, and the team is leaving no stone unturned to find me a job there. Thank you Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar and Aspiration.

Mr. Khadaratulla

Job Interview Coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar has got me two interview calls till now, and it has added immense value to me in the first 3 months of my service itself! I have been fortunate to have taken this service as I know that getting interview calls can be really difficult. Specially being from Vishakhapatnam, I was unsure if I can get an interview call in my domain and that too only in the manufacturing industry. But the Job and Interview Assistance team has done a great job in finding me that specific job and getting me to the interview! Thank you Job and Interview Assistance team and Thank You Mr. Sachar for the guidance, help, and motivation. - Khadaratulla Baig, Senior Accounting Professional

Mr. Ravi

Job Interview Coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar has helped me answer major challenging questions that I have come across in all my interviews. I have been coached on how to answer interview questions like ‘Reason for job change?’, ‘Why do you want to work for us?’, ‘What are you looking for in a new position?’, ‘What can you do for our company?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’, ‘Where do you see yourself in the five years?’, ‘What is your expected salary?’. This has built a high sense of confidence in me and motivated me to face any interview. With the vast experience possessed by Mr. Sachar, I have received exhaustive insights from him on how to perfectly answer any tricky interview questions thrown at me. Overall it has been a very interesting and a wonderful experience to realize that every complicated question has an answer that can surely impress the interviewer and get you closer to your dream job! - Ravi Jayakumar, Senior Payroll and Master Data Management Professional.

Mr. Yogish

Job Interview Coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar has been an extremely helpful training. The detailed information provided to me by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar to face challenging interview questions has been immensely beneficial. I have attended several interviews in the past but had never thought that there can be answers to crack difficult interview questions. I have been coached on how to answer tricky interview questions like, ‘What are your salary expectations?’, ‘What is your career objective?’. It has been a fabulous experience. The LinkedIn coaching session was also valuable. I had no idea about its’ features and how immensely useful it can be. It has helped me in connecting with my Ex-bosses, Ex-colleagues, Senior Consultants and also my friends and Ex-batch-mates. This has opened up my scope of being noticed and getting closer to an interview call. While I have recently joined LinkedIn and have underestimated its’ value totally, it has been great to know that LinkedIn is a major tool in connecting with people. Overall it has been a wonderful service! - Yogish Kumar, Senior QMS Professional.

Mr. Mithilesh

The interview coaching session with Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar has been very useful. It has opened up avenues for me and given me deep ideas on how to tackle any challenging interview question posed at me. I have received exceptional insights from Mr. Sachar on tricky interview questions as below - 1. Tell me about yourself? 2. What are your salary expectations? 3. What is the reason of your frequent job changes? This is an excellent service provided by Aspiration. It has helped me clear away all my drawbacks and made me more confident for approaching any job interview. The interview coaching has solved all my problems and has assisted me in overcoming all my weaknesses. A big Thank You to Mr. Sachar for his guidance! - Mithilesh Kumar, Senior IT Professional.

Mr. Om

Job Interview Coaching by Sarabjeet Sachar has been extremely helpful overall. I was delighted to receive the most relevant job links for my profile. The LinkedIn Demonstration has been a wonderful experience and has assisted me a lot in growing my network and reaching out to the most relevant and important connections. Team Aspiration and Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar have always co-operated, coordinated and motivated me throughout, and have always been happily available whenever I was in need of a specific guidance. They are always there to back you under any difficult situation. A big thumbs-up to this service! - Om Dave, Senior Marketing Professional.

Mr. Rafi

The Job Interview Coaching by Career Guide Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar has been an extremely helpful experience where I was coached to face challenging questions for the specific interview that I attended. The coaching made me more confident and I was able to deliver exceptionally well in the interview. I was also coached on specific challenging questions like ‘What are your salary expectations?’ and on being asked in the interview, I was able to answer positively and more convincingly. I would always be extremely willing and glad to get in touch with Mr. Sachar for any future interview preparation that I require as Aspiration has been very beneficial to me for my Job Search! - Mr. Rafi K, Senior HR Administrator

Mr. Nitesh

I am extremely happy with the service provided to me. It is a delighting and a very helpful experience to see Aspiration search and apply on several relevant jobs on my behalf. I really appreciate the effort that they take to customize for each job link separately and tweak my resume according to each job link that they apply on. - Nitesh Parkar, Hotel Housekeeping Professional

Mr. Amaan Beg

I have GOT A JOB because of Job and Interview Assistance within one month of my service and I am delighted! I got an interview call because all my job portals – Naukri.com, shine.com, timesjobs.com and so on, were accurately updated by Team Aspiration. They used the most relevant keywords matching my profile on the job portals and made my profile visible in the market. The job links shared with me have been very relevant and included all my requirements. They also coordinated with HR Managers and Recruiters on behalf of me. Overall it has been a wonderful effort by the team and I thank them for their tremendous assistance.

Mr. Roopkumar Subramanyam

I have never come across such an excellent service of Job and Interview Assistance. Through this service I have received one interview call, more than that the effort that Aspiration team takes for marketing your candidature, searching relevant job links as per the requirements is commendable. The customized cover letters they use for each application is very unique and makes my candidature stand out. The follow-up technique coached by the team was very exclusive and has helped me a lot. The Interview Coaching by Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar has been a wonderful experience. I was guided on how to tackle difficult interview questions in a very different way, which gave me much more confidence to face any interview. The articles shared with me have been very effective and profitable. The assistance the team has given me at every stage has been very helpful and advantageous. I am really impressed by this service and would recommend it to my friends. They are doing a great job.

Mr. Puninder Singh

My interview coaching session with Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar was a very wonderful experience. Being a senior and experienced person, he guided me on how to tackle difficult interview questions like, ‘If you’re not satisfied working with your present company, then why did you work for 6 years in the same organization?’and ‘I am a diploma holder and the company wants B.E or B.Tech, how should I say that the experience that I have is what your company requires?’. He supported and motivated me to answer such questions in a positive way. I am very satisfied with his guidance and coaching. It gave me confidence to attend any interview. If anyone needs guidance in their career, I would strongly recommend a coaching by Mr. Sachar as he is a very nice person and was able to connect with me easily. The overall service is very useful.

Mr. Sunil Gadhvi

Through this service, I have received an interview call from the company I wish to work for, within two months. The way the team markets the candidature on job portals and searches for job links as per my requirement is excellent. The immediate action taken by the team to make applications on my behalf have been very effective and the customized cover letter used by the team is very unique. The follow-up technique coached by the team is very useful, the article shared with me ‘Steps to Sell your Candidature over the phone after applying for the job’ consists of exceptional content. The assistance and guidance provided by the team has been very essential and advantageous. The overall service is extremely valuable.

Mr. Dinar Jayade

I had a wonderful experience with Team Aspiration. They are extremely positive, supportive and always kept their promises. When the team said they would get back to me, they did without fail, not only with a reply to my questions, they always made an extra effort to recommend the best approach to take in different situations. They have a rare ability to connect with the job seeker on a personal and professional level. They make the job seeker feel very comfortable going forward for an interview or his next career goal/move. One of their unique speciality is to draft a customized job application and covering letter as per the job description, which I highly appreciate as it often prompts the attention of the employer, through which I have received one interview call. The tips and valuable articles on how to answer difficult interview questions provided by them are exclusive as they helped me efficiently to prepare for the interviews that I attended. It is hard to find recruiters nowadays that would put such dedication, time and effort into the process and I would like to thank the Team Aspiration for their help and support. From my side, I would not hesitate to recommend this service to any job seeker.