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Do you know your strengths? Is your Profile JOB Ready?

What are your strengths? A very common question generally asked by the interviewer. Do you still ask your peer members about your strengths?

First time in India, Aspiration Jobs brings to you a simple Skills Assessment Test, which identifies your strengths and areas of improvement. Skills Assessment Test is a 30 minutes online psychometric assessment test, conducted by BestWork Data - US. The report identifies the strength areas and tells you how you deal with the situation and the areas where improvement can be done. It gives a clear understanding and detailed assessment of your strengths. You will get 4 reports -

Skill Identification is a first step in your job search. Second step is to narrate these skills in your resume. A resume built basis the report will be a sure thing to go for. You will have your profile focused on your strengths. Resume is the most critical document needed to get an interview call. It takes only 15 seconds for a recruiter to dial your number and invite you for face to face discussion.


  1. Quick, easy and interesting 30 minutes online test
  2. Know your specific job behaviors, cognitive abilities and strengths
  3. Resume written by experienced experts
  4. Detailed counselling by our experts
  5. Complete customer satisfaction

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