Welcome to Aspiration

1) How long does it take to get a Job through ASPIRATION?

You would appreciate that it ALL depends upon the kind of JOBS available with us at a point of time and your background. If we find it matches the JOB requirement, it could be soon or else it could take months.

2) Many times I send my Resume but do not get any kind of response from ASPIRATION?

We would certainly evaluate every Resume that is received by us.Our core area of expertise in terms of recruitment is Sales, Marketing and related domains in the Media, Entertainment and Advertising sectors. In case there is a Resume which is not from the background that matches our requirement ( for example a finance or IT related background), we simply acknowledge the mail because we will not have JOBS for the candidate.

3) If we see a JOB in the sectors that ASPIRATION operates in, we tend to send our CV but get no response at times.

There are a set of clients ( employers) who we have agreements with and we work with those select clients only. ASPIRATION will be in a position to offer you JOBS only with those specific clients. You may please see our CLIENT LIST.